Tipsport APP

Want to bet anytime, anywhere? Follow the instructions and install the Tipsport mobile app. You’ll feel its benefits immediately. Download it from the App Store, AppGallery or the mobile version of the website.

Tipsport APP
Tipsport is one of bookmakers that offer fancy mobile app

Tipsport mobile app

All you need for odds betting today is a mobile phone. Thanks to it, you have constant access to your account, wherever you are. You can find everything in it, compared to the classic web interface, it is not deprived of anything. In addition, and this is important, it is faster. You can bet, watch live streams, make deposits and withdrawals, read analysis, blogs, etc. How to do it?

Start betting at Tipsport

Available on all operating systems

The application is compatible with Android, Apple iOS and Huawei HarmonyOS devices. For iPhone or iPad owners, just open the App Store and type “Tipsport” into the search box. Then just press the “Get” button in the details of the application. This will install it and you can start using it. Owners of Huawei mobile phones also have an easy job. Launch AppGallery on your phone and type “Tipsport” into the search box. In the app detail, press the “Install” button. Then you can use it to its full potential.

If you have Android 8 or later, visit the official Tipsport website on your phone or tablet and press the “Download application” button in the beginning. At the next stage, press “Settings”. This will take you to your phone settings where you will allow app installation from this source. Then press the “Install” button. Now you have the app installed. You can find it on your desktop.

Owners of Android 7 and earlier must first find the “Phone Security” section in their phone’s settings and allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. Then visit the page and press the “Download application” button in the introduction. Then press the “Install” button. Now you have the app installed. You can find it on your desktop.

Login to the application

You must register before you can log into your account. Detailed instructions for complete registration can be found here. If you don’t yet have an account with the Czech number one, you will get €12 free for registration, an entry bonus of €2,000 and a Vegas Bonus of €1,000!

Claim the BONUS

If you already have an account with Tipsport, just find the application on your phone’s desktop, open it and click on the “Login” icon. The login information is the same as the one you entered during registration. A big advantage of the mobile app is that you can stay logged in all the time (recommended). Just select the “Stay logged in” option during login. This will cause the app to save your password and keep you logged in permanently until you manually log out. If you don’t want to stay logged in continuously, you can set up an accelerated login using your fingerprint.

Pros of Mobile App
  • Clear and intuitive
  • Faster access to the course offer and your tickets
  • The option to set the notification of the monitored analyzer or blogger on the phone screen
  • You can perform the same actions as on the website (setting up an account, depositing, withdrawing, reading analyzes and blogs, etc.)
  • Watch live streams right on your phone
  • Possibility to switch between odds bets, Vegas casino and Korunka lottery
Cons of Mobile App
  • Occasional update
  • Not directly in Google Play on Android OS (must download from mobile site)


1️⃣ How to download the Tipsport application?

iOS: in the App Store

Huawei HarmonyOS: in AppGallery

Android: on the website

2️⃣ How does the Tipsport application work?

After logging into the account, you can use all the functions you are used to from the website, you can bet, watch streams, deposit / withdraw money, read analysis, etc. The application is clear and intuitive to navigate.

3️⃣ Where to find the Tisport application in Google Play?

You won’t find the app in Google Play. For Android devices, you must download it from

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