Paysafecard login

Registered users of the Paysafecard payment method have several benefits and also a history of all payments on their profile. Find out how to easily log in through the website or mobile app.

Paysafecard login
Paysafecard přihlášení

After creating an account, logging in to paysafecard is intuitive

You can make payments on the internet without using a bank account or debit card by purchasing payment vouchers from paysafecard. These are available to users without registration, but having your own account gives you access to more expensive vouchers, easier top-ups, and management of all received and sent payments. Simplify online payments with this service and start enjoying all the benefits that having your own account brings.

Review of the Paysafecard payment method

What is paysafecard

Paysafecard is one of the most popular payment methods, allowing you to make online payments on websites or in mobile apps very safely, reliably, and above all, completely anonymously. All buyers need is a 16-digit pin code, which is sent to their email address if they buy paysafecard online, or printed on a paper receipt when purchased at one of the sales points.

paysafecard logo

Paysafecard payment method

What is paysafecard used for

This payment method can be used by paysafecard voucher or prepaid Mastercard holders for online payments on websites of many e-shops or service providers, or in mobile apps. These vouchers are often used to pay for games or game add-ons, music platforms, premium memberships, as well as for betting or gambling. This payment method can be used wherever it is accepted by the company.

Why create your own account

Registered paysafecard users have access to many benefits besides a clear payment history and easy account management, such as making payments using the paysafecard mobile app with a QR code, the ability to purchase more expensive vouchers and top them up gradually, the ability to order a prepaid paysafecard Mastercard, and many more.

How to register with paysafecard

Registration can be easily done on the Paysafecard website via the “Register” button. After clicking it, users are redirected to a registration form where they fill in their personal details. This is followed by verification of the details and acceptance of the terms and conditions, without which it is not possible to proceed to the next step. After clicking “Register” again, the next step is to verify the provided phone number and email address. A SMS message with a code is sent to the provided phone number, which the registering users must enter into the appropriate field in the registration form and confirm by clicking the “Confirm” button. They verify the email address by clicking the link in the confirmation email they receive. After these steps, the account is successfully verified and users can log in.

Paysafecard registrace

Register an account with Paysafecard

Logging into the account on the website

After loading the main website, registered users log into their myPaysafe account by clicking the “Log in” button in the top right corner. They are then redirected to the login form, where they enter their registered email address or username and password, which they set during registration. After clicking the “Log in” button, they access their account.

Logging in on the mobile app

A free paysafecard mobile app is also available for users, supported by Android and iOS. After installation, they can either register or log in to an already created account by clicking “I already have an account”. Then, just like logging in on the website, they enter their email address or username and password. Upon logging in, the current balance of their account and payment history are immediately displayed.

Logging in on the mobile web version

It is also possible for paysafecard users to log into an existing account in the mobile web browser. This is done directly on the paysafecard website by clicking the little man icon in the top right corner and clicking the “Log in” button. As in the previous two cases, simply enter the email address or username and password.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is paysafecard?
A payment method that allows you to make online payments on the internet without using a regular debit card or bank account, completely anonymously.
Where can I buy a paysafecard voucher?
Those interested in paysafecard payment vouchers can buy them in person at one of the many sales points or through the websites of many e-shops and distributors of these vouchers.
How to use paysafecard?
To make online payments with a paysafecard voucher, their holders need a 16-digit code. This is printed on a paper receipt if they bought the voucher at a sales point, or sent to the email address if purchased online.

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