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Slot machines are one of the simplest and at the same time the most popular casino games in the form of standing cabinets with a display that allow you to win money. Slot machines are electronic devices through which gambling for money can be conducted in gambling halls and casinos. Slot machines are currently available both physically and online through websites. Playing online also brings the possibility of drawing interesting bonuses.


Slot machines have undergone tremendous development over the past few decades. The first machines were based on the mechanics of 3 reels with winning symbols and a simple lever to activate the machine. The very first slot machine was constructed in 1894 by a mechanic from San Francisco – Charles Fey. Back then, the prize was not money, but a pack of cigarettes or sweets.

At the beginning of the 20th century, slot machines were officially banned. Despite this fact, slot machines called Liberty Bell continued to be produced at that time. Throughout the first half of the 20th century, slot machines were produced purely on a mechanical principle.

In 1964, the first electromechanical slot machine called ‘Money Honey’ was put into operation. Unlike its predecessors, it allowed automatic payout of prizes. Along with the introduction of this machine, the mechanical lever was then removed and the machines were given a completely different visual appearance.

Over time, slot machines have evolved from a mechanical lever through an electronic button to mobile phone screens. Nowadays, in the age of smart devices, there is no need to physically walk to the casino. There is no problem with playing online from the comfort of your home on computers, tablets or phones.

Automat Liberty Bell

Slot machine Liberty Bell (source:

Types of slot machines

There are already hundreds of slot machines today. Nevertheless, we can divide them into three basic categories:

1) Mechanical gaming machines

The essence of a mechanical slot machine consists of 3-5 reels with specific symbols. They are set in motion by pulling a lever or pressing a button and stop again after a certain time. If the symbols stop in a particular combination, the player is awarded with a win according to the value of those symbols. The most common symbols are various types of fruit.

2) Touch screen digital gaming machines

The principle of LCD touch screen machines is the same as their mechanical predecessors. The main difference is the user-friendliness. Thanks to digitalisation, this type of slot machine offers a greater variety of games.

3) Winning video lottery terminals

Video lottery terminals are currently the most widespread type of slot machines. Visually, they are no different from standard digital slot machines, but unlike them, they are connected to a wider network that adds up to a winning jackpot. Therefore, video lottery terminals not only offer a wider range of games, but also the opportunity to win higher prizes.

How do the slot machines work?

Right from the start, it is necessary to say that nowadays we are no longer talking about mechanical machines, but electronic ones. Whether online or in traditional land-based casinos, slot machines can be imagined as specialised computers, whose primary factors are processors and chips.

The basis of every slot machine is a random number generator and a pre-set payout ratio. The correct functioning of both of these key points is subject to official control.

In practice, the way it works is that by pressing the spin button, you set the random number generator in motion, which determines the specific reel composition and eventual winning combination. The whole process is randomly based  and is completely independent of the previous spin. For this reason, you cannot rely on the slot machine to fill up sufficiently to start landing winning combinations. Each spin is new.

Win rate of slot machines

Win rate or return to player (RTP) of slot machines is a statistic that informs players of the percentage return on their deposits back. Based on this, the player can evaluate, how profitable the game is for him. This value is pre-set by each slot machine developer. You can find the win rate of each slot machine in the Game Plan of the casino. It is given as a percentage, and by law it is between 75 and 99.9%. In practice, of course, it is impossible to ensure that every player gets such a percentage back, and for this reason some players win and others lose. In the long term point of view, the advantage is always on the side of the slot machine operator.

Win rate in land-based vs. online casinos

If we would like to compare the slot machines in classic and online casinos, we will find out that online casinos are much more favorable for users. In the better online casinos, slot machines have a return rate as high as 97%. The same value is difficult to achieve in land-based casinos, as the cost of running them is higher.

How to increase the chances of winning?

As is the case with many other gambling games, slot machines are based entirely on luck and chance. Because of this, there are no ways to guarantee a win on any slot machine. Any supposed patterns for winning are a myth. However, it is possible to increase your chances of winning.

The key is to choose a slot machine with the highest win rate. In fact, there can be a big difference among slot machines and their probability of winning. You can recognize, if you play a slot machine with a 70% or 95% win rate. However, the player always has a disadvantage compared to the casino. Therefore, it is a good idea to read the game plan and reviews.

In addition to win rate of slot machines, the frequency of bonus games and free spins can also help you make your decision. For example, many casinos offer welcome bonuses or deposit bonuses. Bonuses are one of the criteria you should be most interested in. The probability of winning the jackpot should also play a role in your decision.

Always play responsibly and only at official casinos. Although the primary reason for playing should be always fun, make sure that the casino you are visiting is legal.

Slot machine scams

Although there is no guaranteed way to secure a win at slot machine, an effort to outsmart the system is common among players. However, you need to be very careful here, as many attempts can be illegal not only from the casinos point of view, but also from the point of view of the law. So rather than trying to fool the systems, focus on how to most effectively use the bonuses offered by each slot machine. Nevertheless, we will mention some of the common scams here:

1) Fake coins

The fake coin trick is one of the oldest ways that people in the past tried to outsmart the slot machine mechanism. Whether it was replacing a coin for another metal or attaching a coin to a string, these scams were soon exposed. In response to such attempts, the mechanism of slot machines was then modified to make similar fraudulent tricks impossible.

2) Long Q

The Long Q is the name given to the mechanical damage done to a slot machine using a long-wire tool that resembled to the lowercase letter q. The tool was used to damage the coin machine, which was then unable to dispense the correct winnings and therefore paid out, what it could.

3) Magnets

Another well-known scam, which can be defined as attempted fraud and theft from the point of view of the law, is the attempt to manipulate the machine in favor of the player through a magnet. In a standard land-based casino, an imposter attaches a strong magnet to a slot machine in an attempt to change its behavior. However, it is very easy to detect such a fraud attempt and thus it represents a completely unnecessary risk for players.

4) Electric discharge

This outdated method depended on the knowledge of particular slot machine. If an imposter knew, what type of slot machine it was and what specific place to attack, all he had to do was attach a piezoelectric lighter and lead the discharg. However, this method resulted in a large number of damaged machines.

Online slot machines

Given the general advances in the field of technology, it was only a matter of time before this trend hit the casino industry as well. Along with the general availability of the Internet, online casinos have also become widespread. These are now more popular than standard land-based casinos, primarily because you can be play from the warmth of your home and practically at any time.

Thanks to electronic processing, online casinos have a wide range of slots available. Online slot machines are essentially no different from standard ones. Their principle of operation is identical. However, online casinos lure players with attractive games and free no deposit bonuses. Therefore, although the player is still at a disadvantage compared to the casino, he can use these bonuses as effectively as possible.

Free slot machines

Although slots machines mean gambling, a large number of players still consider the game primarily as an entertainment and not as an opportunity to get rich. For these purposes, there are slot machines also in demo versions in online casinos. The player does not have the opportunity to win a prize, but at the same time does not need to invest any financial resources in the game. Thanks to this mode, the player has the opportunity to try individual games in advance, to test their functions and how entertaining it is. The opportunity to play just for fun is offered by all online casinos.

What kind of slot machines are there?

Nowadays, there are already a large number of slot machines and it is not possible to say for sure, which one is the best. There is no universal benchmark to tell us. So the choice of slot machine is always up to you and your preferences. However, to give you some idea, here are a few specific slot machines:

1) Blood suckers

Blood suckers is one of NetEnt’s high winning slot machines. Its win rate reaches up to 98% and you also have the chance to win the casino jackpot. Apart from the possibility of a jackpot and interesting bonuses, the slot machine can also impress with its horror-tuned visuals.

2) Multi 5

Multi 5 is one of the best slots from e-gaming. Its win rate is up to 97% and, in addition, it has top-notch graphics processing. You can win up to €10,000 with one spin, even without using any extra bonuses. However, bonuses can be also found here and can bring you, for example, extra free spins.

3) Joker 27

Joker 27 is one of the most played games in online casinos in general. The cost per spin is usually very low and the total win rate is up to 95%. The great design makes this game great for beginners as well. Moreover, if you meet the conditions, you can get a registration bonus of up to €1,000.

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