About us

About us

We launched SlothBet.com in 2023 with the intention of bringing our readers up-to-date information from the world of odds betting and online gambling. The main object of our interest are reviews of bookmakers and online casinos. In addition, we try to regularly update the bonus offer of these companies for all visitors to our website.

Our team

Michael Cermak

Michael Čermák


I started gaining experience in sports betting by working in customer support at a foreign bookmaker. It didn’t take long for me to become an active bettor myself. This has lasted me until today. In addition to thematic articles, I look for interesting bonus offers and valuable odds.

E-mail: michael@slothbet1.com

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Kristyna Baranova

Kristýna Baranová copywriter


I have been in the online casino world since 2019, when I started visiting Czech casinos with friends. I fell in love with the environment and worked as a croupier for a while. After a while, I discovered a liking for online platforms and stayed with them. I try to comprehensively review all online casinos for you in a 100% objective manner, so that you always have the gambling field perfectly mapped out before you dive in. You can also look forward to lots of news, bonuses and tips.

E-mail: kristyna@slothbet1.com

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Petr Broz


I came into contact with computer gaming long before the billion-dollar business of professional teams was born. I never made it to the pro level, but I still have many friends among the top esports players.

E-mail: petr@slothbet1.com


What can you find with us?

💯 Comprehensive reviews of online bookmakers and online casinos – before choosing the ideal company to open an account with, several factors need to be taken into account, which cannot be done without a detailed analysis of existing entities. Due to their large number, you can use our site where you will find many of these companies objectively assessed.

🎁 Bonus offers – every bettor and player hears about bonuses. We try to regularly update the offer of bonus opportunities for you so that you do not miss out on any benefits. Is there a free signup bonus or would you prefer a first deposit bonus? Choose according to your taste.

💳 Information about payment methods – do you know that in addition to a payment card, you can use dozens, if not hundreds, of other ways to deposit and withdraw money from your player account? We discuss individual methods in the “Payment Options” section.

🎫 Lottery – who among us has never tried our luck in Sportka or Eurojackpot? If you like lottery games, you will surely be pleased to find a lot of information about the most famous lotteries here.

📝 Thematic articles – our editors regularly supply you with thematic articles in the field of odds betting and online gambling. There are also instructions for registering an account, obtaining a bonus or information on current promotions.

What can’t you find here?

How To Get Rich Guide – If you’re looking for a get rich quick manual without a job, you’ve come to the wrong place. Odds betting can yield nice long-term appreciation, but it won’t make you a billionaire. In addition, you will have to make a lot of effort.

The possibility to play or bet on our website – you can’t play for money with us. We are not a betting office, online casino or any game room. We can only prepare you for such playing.

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